Is Your Plumbing Leak Looking Bleak?

You need a professional plumbing repair in Rock Hill, Indian Land or York, SC

No one wants to deal with pesky plumbing issues. Trying to tighten a faucet or fix a running toilet on your own can result in disaster. It's better to turn to the plumbing repair expert at B&B Family Plumbing, LLC. We work on commercial and residential properties in Rock Hill, Indian Land and York, SC. If your bathtub, toilet, pipe or water heater has a problem, we can solve it.

From a simple pipe leak repair to tankless water heater repair, we can handle it all. Learn more about our repair services now by calling 803-431-0764.

Following the steps to plumbing success

When you come to us for a plumbing repair, you’re in good hands. Our plumber will:


  • Inspect your entire system
  • Diagnose the issue using troubleshooting
  • Provide an accurate free estimate on your repair
  • Perform all necessary repairs and repiping
  • Make sure that your system is back to normal




Whether you need a tankless water heater repair or copper repiping service, you can depend on us. Schedule a service in Rock Hill, Indian Land or York, SC today.